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My Paternal Great Grandmother's Siblings & Parents - Part Two

My great grandmother Synneva (Susan) had one older full blooded sister named Johanne who was born August 10, 1857, and baptized August 16th. She died of whooping cough when just past one year old, Saturday, October 16, 1858. She was buried the following Friday, but it was not until Sunday, November 7, that the minister sprinkled some dirt on her little grave, read from scripture, and led the singing of some hymns. The buriel was known as jordfesting, and was probably conducted by the family. This last ceremony was conducted by an ordained minister and was called jordpaakastelse (throwing on of earth), or the committal service.

My great grandmother Synneva's (Susan) mother, Guri Endresdatter, died soon after the arrival in the United States after leaving the Hafslo parish on April 11, 1866. They were part of the group of 196 people who emigrated from Hafslo that year...most of them going to the United States. They came to Wisconsin and settled in the East Blue Mounds area of Dane County, where Endre's (Synneva's father's) daughter, Margrete Gjesme, from his first marriage, was living at the time.

Endre Larsen Lad (my great grandmother's father) was born March 8, 1792. He was married to Sara Jensdatter until her passing before meeting Guri Endresdatter, my great grandmother's mother. He married Sara Jensdatter on November 5, 1827, after Endre had fathered two illegitimate children with her. Sara was 43 years old when they married, and Endre was 36. Their first child, Margrete Endresdatter "Lad", was born on March 10, 1822, and died January 16, 1823. Their second child, Johanne, according to the Hafslo church records was baptized on November 22, 1826, but died on October 28, 1828, just before her second birthday. The record also shows that it was Endre's annen leiermaal (second fornication), and for Sara it was the fifth time she had begaatee leiermaal (committed fornication).

Sara was 45 years old before she had her first legitimate child. Margrete Endresdatter Lad, daughter of Sara and Endre Larsen Lad, was born August 18, 1829. She was my great grandmother, Synneva's, half sister. Margrete was 30 years older than Synneva.

Sara passed away at the age of 63, on Wednesday, December 29, 1847 and left Endre Larsen a widower at the age of 55. Sara was buried Friday, January 7, 1848, but it was not until Sunday, January 30, 1848, that Andreas Egeberg, who was the minister in Hafslo at that time, conducted the committal service.

Endre Larsen Lad (my great grandmother's father) was 87 years old, and had lived in the United States for 13 years when he died August 7, 1879. He is buried at the East Blue Mounds Cemetery, which is located southwest of Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. It is not known where his wife, Guri (my great grandmother's mother) is buried.

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