Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Mom's Birthday

Happy Birthday Mom!

I should have posted this yesterday because my mom's birthday is March 31st. She is now 78 years old. My mom, Josephine, is a strong lady and has been through some very emotional times.

When my mom was little, her baby sister, Joyce, had Scarlet Fever at the age of two. She had to be moved to a separate part of the house so that the other kids wouldn't get it too.

When my mom was 14 and Joyce was 12, they were riding their bicycles to country school, which was at the top of a hill. When they reached the top, Joyce collapsed on her bicycle. She passed away on the spot. It turned out that the Scarlet Fever she had when she was a toddler, damaged her heart.

My mom's dad was so very upset about Joyce's death that he blamed my mom. My mom was very hurt by this, and the fact that she saw her sister die in front of her upset her terribly too, obviously. She wanted to talk about her feelings but she was never allowed to. After Joyce's death, nobody was allowed to talk about her or even mention her name.

After my parents got married, they had four kids. I am the baby. My sister, Cindy, is the oldest, and then my brother, Stan, was born only a year later. Cindy is a bit slow, but very smart. Since she had her son, John, in 1992, she has become very strong.

She was the prettiest baby born with coal black hair, but it changed to a dishwater blonde later.

Two years after my brother, Stan, was born, my brother, Timmy, was born. Timmy was very special. He was born severely mentally retarded and very thin, and my mom tried her best to take care of him, but it was too hard on her to care for him and the rest of us too. He couldn't walk, talk, sit up by himself, or feed himself, but he was a terror in his wheel chair navigating it like a pro. Whenever my parents would have to take Timmy to the doctor, the nurses tried to accuse my mom of neglecting him because he was so thin. Imagine how that must have felt when she was trying her best to care for him. My parents ended up putting him in a home for mentally retarded people. We visited him every Sunday at the home. It was so hard on my mom because she had so much guilt for not being able to care for him and having to put him in a home. She also had a lot of guilt because she thought it was her fault that he was born retarded. Her uncle Lyle (her mother's brother) was also born retarded and passed away as a toddler, so she blamed herself for her genes causing it. Timmy passed away at the age of 27.

I was born three years after Timmy was born, and I was a surprise since my parents decided not to have any more kids after Timmy. I was a fat, healthy baby, and was such a blessing for them. My mom has gone through a lot and has had to deal with a lot, so she is indeed a wonderful lady. I should tell her that more often.

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Diane said...

Happy Birthday, Josephine! You are, indeed, a great lady and have weathered some tough storms in life. Please know you are a great Mom; you must be because your youngest daughter is an absolute gem!!!!!

Hugs, Penny!